Paolozzi Beer:

The Edinburgh Beer Factory

The Edinburgh Beer Factory is a fairly new, family-run and independently owned business. Even in this short time, their beer has won awards and is recognised for its great quality.

The business is inspired by Eduardo Paolozzi, who is considered to be one of the pioneers of pop art. They are working closely with the Paolozzi foundation, donating some of their earnings to it and getting to use Paolozzi’s artwork and name on their beers. Their concept goes back to his – taking old things, recycling it and making something new out of it. They aim to reinvent how people consume beer and take overlooked beer styles and make them better. They are going back to more traditional Germanic brewing techniques to create high quality beer that is consumed to enjoy and not to get drunk quickly.

Euan Douglas, main character of the photo story, is one of the five brewers, who all studied at Heriot-Watt University. I experienced the people working at the Edinburgh Beer Factory to be very welcoming and dedicated to their work.

The colour theme running through the factory, their group dynamic and the beer’s design all create their brand: fresh, personal and extraordinary.

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