A Puzzle Piece Shaped Like Me

We are all different and unique, but also the same on a different level. We all have certain values as humans that connect us, we all have dreams and fears, a past and a future. We all have a cultural identity. Choosing where we feel at home and want to live, means choosing to belong rather than belonging without a choice.

In my experience, Edinburgh has a multicultural atmosphere that I highly appreciate and find fascinating. You can be from anywhere but feel like you belong.

Nevertheless, there are still many misconceptions and negative connotations around immigration. Some immigrants have it easier than others due to their origin. Some face inner conflicts, some more outer ones.

All my subjects have become British Citizens for a number of different reasons. It is no easy or cheap process. Some had to renounce their original citizenship. For some it was a process with many setbacks that took years, for others it was much quicker. For all it was life changing.

Change is a sign of progress and immigration is a central element in a global world. Our personal identity changes throughout life, so why should a country’s identity not change, too?
This projects shows how immigration enriches a culture rather than diluting it and how immigrants contribute to society like everyone else. The place we live in shapes us, and we shape the place we live in. Belonging to a culture and identifying with core values is not something we are born with, but something we adopt.

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